When Mac first started talking, one of his favorite things to do was say something was HOT. Sounds cute right?  It wasn't. I would try to feed him supper and if anything was warmer than room temperature, he would yell and say "HOT!!!" like it had just scalded the inside of his mouth and he would never recover. After the desire to bash my head in the wall passed, I decided to teach him the word "Warm". It took a while, but soon he would go "Hot!" then look guiltily at us and quickly correct himself and say "Warm!"...

Time passed.

Today, he had artichoke and asiago dip, a peanut butter sandwich and sparkling fruit juice for lunch so he was a particularly special kind of sticky.  I ran a face cloth under hot water and began wiping his face. It was hot - hotter than I thought it would be and as soon as it touched his face he went "HOT" then "WARM!" I laughed and told him it actually WAS hot and he looked at me in confusion then asked "Hot-warm??"

I may have messed up my kid a little bit :)


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