So we did our first hunting trip of 2011. It was so much fun. I know I already posted the awesome view from the outhouse, but I thought I'd elaborate a little on it.

7:30 AM - Leave the house.
7:32 AM - Stop at Timmies and get three breakfast sandwiches. That's right, we live that close.
7:34 AM - Get on the highway and drive
8:00 AM - Yell at Hemi to stop whining because he's realized that we're going hunting which is his favorite thing in the world (more than BACON!) and he's whimpering and whining out of excitement.
8:47 AM - Yell at Hubby to stop because there are three birds just sitting on the side of the road ( a back country road, not the highway) begging to become dinner.
8:48 AM - Scramble in the truck trying to grab my oranges, bullets, and gun without scaring the birds off the road. Mac is looking at me like I'm retarded. Hemi knows what's coming and I'm pretty sure he's about to spontaneously combust out of sheer joy.
8:49 AM - First bird shot. Other two ran away. Hemi is freaking. Mac is in awe. He just figured out mommy is Annie Oakley. SCORE.
8:51 AM - Back in the car heading for our *actual* hunting grounds. Mac is in the back going "Mommy BANG birdie fall down broken!!" over and over again. It's hilarious.
9:15 AM - Mac is STILL talking about it. It's not hilarious anymore.

We ended up with four birds this trip. Mac thought it was the coolest thing. In fact, he cried when I missed one bird and it flew away. He was very upset. And let me tell you, he ate like a TROOPER that night. I love my little redneck.

Oh yeah, and this was a week ago. Today in the grocery store he was telling everyone within earshot about it. Thank god he doesn't speak THAT clearly yet.


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