New House

I briefly mentioned working on a new house the other day with no explanation whatsoever. Here's the explanation:

My FIL(father-in-law) and MIL(mother-in-law - not to be confused with MILF which means something totally different)  have a cottage not to far away (like 20 mins!!) where they basically live during the spring, summer and fall. Like all good cottages, it's a little bit ghetto (unless you count the 42 inch tv with satellite service). Mac absolutely loves it out there.  It's a little spring fed lake with maybe 12 cottages on it which brings back great memories of growing up near Tower Lake in Kap. ANYHOO, two years ago when MIL had a cancer scare, she and my FIL decided to make their will. They left us the cottage since hubby's bro already owns one.

Fast forward two years. Our mortgage will be paid off in one year (YAY) so hubby approached his parents with a request. They have (for as long as I have known them) had a dream to build an actual house out there. They'd been hemming and hawing about it for soooooo long. So hubby told them that we wanted to help financially, if we could have some say in what was done.

Let me interject here to say that my in-laws are pretty darn cool. 

This type of project is heaven for me. I automatically redesign houses in my head as soon as I walk in to them, so I was THRILLED with this.  I approached my MIL and told her that I knew I would be psychotically enthusiastic about this, so to speak up if I was overstepping boundaries. Her response?

"As long as I don't have to crawl over my husband to get out of bed anymore, I'm happy. You can do the rest." (They've always lived in VERY small houses.)


So, we decided to go with a modular home from Champoux Homes in Quebec. They have awesome reviews and do a fantastic job.Wanna see a picture?? Here it is  :)

I know it looks ridiculously ginormous, but it's not. It's 1235 sq feet, which is a nice size. The upper right hand windows will be our bedroom, the windows directly below will become french doors from their master suite.  There's also a seperate bedroom for Mac. Now we can go spend nights at the "cottage" without being crammed in and uncomfortable.  How cool is that? 

The other cool thing that happened this week is that I got a job. Not a full time one, since I still want to be around Mac, but a part time one to make a little extra cash. Oh, and did I mention it's at the coolest place EVER!?!?!  DAVID'S TEA!!!!! How do I know if they're cool since I haven't started yet you ask me? Well, because they gave me Thanksgiving weekend off to go hunting!! COOLNESS!! Soon, I will be basking it the warm joys of tea ... AND GETTING PAID FOR IT.

Peace out, y'all! I'm off to bed :)


janelle said…
hooray hooray hooray! and congrats on the job! oh i'm so glad to read such awesome news :D

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