Have you ever been somewhere and suddenly had the urge to commit what you are sure is justifiable homicide?  For instance:

1. I was driving and had Mac in the car with me when an old timer in a little Toyota corolla swerved in front of me, cut me off, then slowed right down to a turtle paced 40 km/h... in a 60 zone. CHILD SAFETY INDUCED RAGE!!

2. I went to Walmart today in an effort to save some money. They price match, so I brought all my flyers with me. They are also having their anniversary sale this week, so I knew it would be busy. Apparently though, Walmart didn't see a need to bring in any more cashiers that usual, resulting in an almost 20 minute wait in line. Thank God I didn't have Mac with me. RAGE!!

3. I was driving (I'd say about 75 percent of my rage occurs behind the wheel) doing the speed limit and this woman in a Chrysler 300 tailgated me all the way to the corner where I finally turned off. And by tailgated I mean drove so close to my bumper that if I hit the brakes she would have been inside the hatch of my SUV. RAGE

Anyone else feel the need to buy a tank when driving these days?? 


I'm okay now :)


janelle said…
oh i SO know the feeling! i was walking to get groceries the other day, and a lady sliced so close in front of my stroller that i started shaking - sam could have died! not to mention: i was in a crosswalk and she would have only had to wait a few seconds to turn, and she was going right, so she wasn't trying to rush before other people cut her off. ...and she was going to reitman's. it's not like she was rushing to the hospital. AUGH! i went over to her and said (adamantly), "what you just did was illegal, not to mention extremely dangerous. you could have killed my baby. you should be ashamed of yourself." at least she had the grace to apologize.
but i totally shook for a good 10 mins. the rage is hard to control when someone's stupidity endangers your baby!

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