Sweetest Thing

There are some moments that make me wish I was on reality tv so that they would be captured forever for me. Today, Mac and I were outside. He was playing in the neighbours sandbox and I was puttering around in my garden.  I decided to pull a turnip and taste test it, so I ran in the house to get my peeler. When I got back outside, Mac was looking around worriedly for me.

I quickly peeled the turnip and started cutting chunks out of it as I sat on the stone wall that surrounds my garden. Mac walked over, sat down right beside me, laid one little hand gently on the top of my leg and just leaned on me a little.  My heart was in a giant puddle on the ground in no time flat.

If I could freeze time, I would freeze that moment and stay there forever.


janelle said…
ohhh total tearjerker! what a sweetie!

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