Tea Heaven

I LOVE TEA. It's a statement that deserves capital letters because that's how much I love it. Tea gets me through the winter. It soothes me through colds. It calms me before bed. It carries me through the flu. And I'm pretty sure it's the only thing that kept me from puking throughout my entire pregnancy with Mac.

A few months ago I discovered Teaopia while I was at the Vaughn centre during a visit to my brother's place. I really liked it, but didn't get that excited about it because I wasn't near my house and I kinda like being able to see/smell tea before I buy it.

Enter David's Tea. They just opened in Timmins and I am in ECSTASY!!  It's like Teaopia on a smaller scale but sooooo sooooo cool. It's like the Bulk Barn of tea but better.  They let you smell the loose leaves before you buy it.taste it.  When you come into the store, you are greeted by employees bearing little glass cups of the tea of the month that you can sample for free. How cool is that?? So cool in fact that I spent the money I had budgeted for new fall clothes on tea today. And I have NO REGRETS.

Pardon the caps, but I'm enjoying a delicious cup of chocolate flavored tea. Yeah, that's right, it exists. Winter is suddenly looking much more tolerable!!


janelle said…
oh yum! chocolate tea? your right ... it might be the one thing that keeps me from sobbing as winter returns. ;)

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