Barrie Trip Partie Deux

On Sunday, we had Bryson's birthday celebration. My future SIL made Bryson a really cute Cars themed cake with a racetrack on top.
Here's Bryson stuffing his face. (It was really good cake!!)
Once the party was over it was NAP TIME (this is like the party for the parents - where we get to relax and recuperate).

I stopped by this hair salon for kids while we were there and bought some hair stuff made specifically for kids. Mac wanted me to put some in his hair, so we gave both boys a little faux hawk... at which point I realized that Mac's hair is getting long!

Overall we had a great trip, except for the night that Mac decided that sleeping is for wussies and was up from 2-4:30 in the morning. Thank God for Starbucks.  Oh and BTW, I tried a half sweet, half whip Caramel Apple Spice and I am officially in love. It was like drinking apple pie. Mmmmm!


janelle said…
love the hawk pictures!!!! :D

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