Funny Macisms

When Mac does something sweet or funny, I always think, Oh! I have to remember this for my blog... and then by the time I get here, I've forgotten what I wanted to write. So the last few days I've been making a list of random cute/funny things Mr Mac has done.

This morning after Mac came into my bedroom and told me to get up - no, really, he walked in and said "UP MOM!!" I basically just moved my body from the bed to the living room couch.  I was laying there trying to wake up - ok, no actually I was trying to catch an other ten minutes of sleep - when Mac walked up to me with a peice of popcorn that he'd found God knows where and said "Open bouche Mom" and tried to feed it to me. I shook my head no at him and pursed my lips which only prompted him to jam a finger into my mouth, pry my lips apart and jam the popcorn in my mouth while looking sternly at me saying "Open bouche, MOM!" in the tone I use on him when he won't take medicine. Thanks kid. That's what every mom wants first thing in the morning before she's completely awake: stale popcorn.

My sister in law has a five year old son and periodically she goes through his stuff and brings me bags of second hand goodies. In one of these bags was a pirate outfit complete with sword and eye patch. My cute, confused son believes that the sword is a power saw (we've been doing a lot of demo work on the cottage so he's been around a pretty wide assortment of tools) and he runs around the house making a buzzing noise and pretending to cut things in half.

Mac has an issue with the hard "C" sound and it usually comes out as a "T" sound. Except for yesterday. Yesterday, I caught him chasing Hemi around asking for a kiss. Except that since he doesn't do "K" noises, he was actually chasing poor Hemi around yelling "Piss HEMI!!  PISS!!!"

When ever I bust him doing something he thinks he's not allowed to do, he looks at ME and says "No, Mom". Or else if I ask him who made a mess, he tried to blame it on Hemi. Sneaky sneaky. :)


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