Random Big News

Unless you've lived somewhere small and out of the way, this probably won't mean much to you, but to us this is FANTABULOUS!!

We've just learned that instead of just ONE airline flying from our town to Toronto, there will now be TWO airlines. Which means competition for airline A. Which they desperately need. Because a one way ticket to Toronto from here right now ends up being about $600 when you factor in taxes and airport fees. That works out to roughly $6.32 per minute of flight time. Ouch. This new airline is charging $109 plus tax for a one way flight... Oh yeah, and their plane is faster.

AND Air Canada just announced that they will be using a faster plane now. I guess they're already feeling the pressure to keep up to the competition. Instead of an hour and thirty five minute flight, it will be just over an hour. HOORAY.

Just sayin'.


janelle said…
david's tea AND a new airline? this week is kickin'!
:D happy for you, dan!

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