Road trippin' and apple pickin'

Last week my mom, Mac and I took a road trip down to Barrie to visit my brother and celebrate my nephew's second birthday.

The trip down was great and Mac was phenomenal. No meltdowns (that's the power of A Bee Movie, and other cartoons), no fussiness, no problems. We stopped in North Bay and let him run around the mall there for half an hour to stretch his legs and then continued on our road trip.

One of the major things I wanted to do (other then hit their completely awesome farmers market) was go apple picking. I had done some research and found Avalon Orchards, an organic apple farm that allows people to pick their own apples. They are located about ten minutes away from my brothers house which was an added bonus. It is late in the apple picking season so there were only a few varieties left to pick, but I didn't care. I brought Mac's rain gear and warned my brother that was was taking Mac whether it was pouring or not. It ended up being a cloudy, windy morning that gradually cleared into a beautiful day.

We got up and hit the farmers market where I bought a steaming hot bowl of lentil soup from an Indian vendor. I've been there three times now, and each time that's the first thing to which I b-line. It was sooooooo good, and toasty warm and perfect for such a brisk morning. My brother wasn't sure about it, but he tried it and fell in love with it. And Mac?? He ate half.

We bought assorted veggies and grapes (that tasted like wine) for snacking during Bryson's birthday the following day and then we came upon this kiosk that had smoked black Angus salami - and they had samples. Yummy!!  After having a sample I had no choice but to buy some because it was that delicious. Also, they guy selling it was wearing a cowboy hat. I have a thing for cowboys. But the meat was delicious. Really! (So good in fact, that the part I was hoping to save for hunting this weekend has already been gleefully consumed.)

Then we headed for the orchard.  Once you arrive at the their property, you drive up this hill on a little dirt road. All of a sudden you get to the top and this is the view.
 Once inside the building, they have wagons that you can borrow (Not rent - borrow!! How cool is that). You can purchase bags or bring your own, it's up to you.  We found an old school wagon and tucked the boys into it.
 Once outside, the apple trees are planted in rows, with a little white sign at the front indicating what kind of apple is in that row.
 We let the kids out of the wagon and let them pick apples to their hearts content. I don't know what they thought was more fun - picking apples off the tree or picking up fallen apples and throwing them.
 Bryson was excited about his apples.
 Mac and I posing.
 Mac smiling HUGE from excitement.
Mac and Bryce with their apples.
We had so much fun and the kids did too despite the bitter wind. I definitely want to go back next year, but I think I will try it earlier in the season to have more choice in apple type.

I'll post part 2 of this tomorrow if I have time.


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