Sooooo Busted

I remember my Grandma telling me this story about my dad. I always found it hilarious.  Apparently, when my dad was young they had this table that had sort of a ledge under it. Whenever she would feed him something that he didn't like he would hide it on the ledge under the table and she was none the wiser.  Until...

One day, her friend came over and they were doing some sort of exercise that involved lying down and her friend just happened to be lying next to the table and spotted all the food my dad had hidden.  Hilarious right?

Well, today I was sitting on the couch eating lunch and talking to Mac watching Everybody Loves Raymond. Mac was standing beside me picking at the bruschetta (he loves the feta cheese and will pick out every chunk he can find). Out of the corner or my eye I caught him making a weird movement and glanced down at him just in time to catch hims STUFFING A PIECE OF ONION BETWEEN THE TWO COUCH CUSHIONS!!! Not sure whether I was more horrified or amused. Like Grandpa like Grandson.

SOOOOO Busted!

Now you'll have to excuse me - I have to move the couch and clean all of Mac's "treasures". Yay.


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