Work so far...

So many things have happened since my last post that if I tried to cover them all in one post I would sound like I had multiple personalities. I decided to just pick one thing and start there, so I thought I would start with work.

Work is great. Why is it great you ask me? Well...

1. I can drink all the tea I want for free during my shift. Any tea. Even the crazy expensive ones.
2. So far, the staff I've worked with has been pretty awesome. I've had several jobs and know that no job is perfect, but SO FAR this one is the most fun.
3. Although the sheer amount of knowledge required is a little daunting, the stuff I'm learning about tea is super cool and interesting.
4. My boss (who is two years younger than me) likes to cook stuff from scratch so we've already had some pretty interesting discussions about food.
5.  Since I don't work for the City any more (IE: the taxpayers) I don't have to deal with crazy people who think that since they pay taxes they have the right to talk to me however they choose, and that they should always get their way. And that if they DON'T get their way, it's perfectly OK to scream at me.
6.  There is no dress code. We have to wear either a tank top, cardigan or t-shirt that has the David's Tea logo, but the rest is our decision.

So there it is. Unlimited tea, cool co-workers, interesting subject matter and no screaming. Plus, I get paid. Hooray! It's win-win!


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