This year we dressed Mac up for Halloween as...  wait for it...  and hamburger. But here's the real stroke of genius: he wasn't just any hamburger... he was a BIG MAC!!!  Bahahaha!! My reason for choosing to dress him up this was 1: it's just some darn cute and 2: as soon as he's old enough he'll look at the pictures and realize that his mom is a giant nerd and be embarrassed. I wanted to do it while he was still young enough to think it rocks.

We did the regular circle of people ( Grandmaman & Grandpapa, Harry's friends house, Mary's, Muumuu's house, and Nanny and Poppa's) and then we came home to hand out candy. However, this year Mac actually understood what was going on and as soon as we started handing out candy, his little brain started whirring and clicking and went "2+2=4 - If I go trick or treating, I GET CANDY!!" so then he started telling daddy "Daddy, knock knock!!" (As in, I want to go door to door and knock and get candy). So Harry took him him out with the intention of just doing our block. 15 minutes later, they walked back in. Mac was WOUND FOR SOUND! and Harry was incredulous.

You see, we live on a block with a lot of seniors who love kids and little did we know that they had all prepared special treat bags for Mac. Harry said that almost all of them said (in a really excited voice) "We were HOPING he would come."  Oh, and everyone loved his costume. LOVED.   Just so you get an idea, here is the ridiculous amount of candy Mac got.  And it doesn't take a lot of imagination to guess that as soon as Mac was bed, Daddy dug in. After all, that's what Halloween is about right?? Stealing your kids candy!


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