On a Lighter, slightly more freaky Note

I totally forgot about this until Harry asked me (in a really concerned manner) a few minutes ago if I had had a bad dream last night, and it all came rushing back to me.  I'm not sure if anyone else is plagued by really vivid dreams, but I am. Sometimes it's awesome, and sometimes it's really horrifying (but amusing). This is the latter.

In my dream I was in bed and I was inspecting the blankets as I drew them up to my neck. As I lifted them, I spotted something in them that resembled a pile of green pickup stix. Curious, I pulled the blanket up close to my face to see better... and then I realized it was a really disgusting, horrific, spiders nest. With a giant spider in it. I woke up three feet off the bed. That's how high I jumped. And apparently I started so violently that I woke Harry up and scared the living daylights out of him.

Then I promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. And forgot about it until just now. Like I said, horrific, but funny in retrospect.


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