Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back

Mac still talks about Hemi. Hemi was basically his brother. They hung out all the time. Hemi pulled Mac on his sled in the winter, Mac played fetch with him in the summer... They were basically best buds so it makes total sense for Mac to miss him just like we do. Mac never knew what life without Hemi was.

Today I was cooking lunch and Mac was standing on a chair beside me playing in the wooden spoon drawer. Completely out of the blue he turned and looked at me and just said "Hemi gone, mom." It broke my heart to think that he lost his buddy too.

So I nodded and said "Yes buddy, Hemi is gone. Mommy is very sad and misses him." He looked at me for a second then leaned over and kissed me ever so gently.

Is my kid sweet or what? My sad little heart pretty much exploded with love for him right there. And that's why they say once you go Mac, you never go back.


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