Eat St. = Pregnant Woman Crack

When I was pregnant with Mac food wasn't that interesting to me. In fact, the only thing I really craved was grapefruit. That's right. Grapefruit. Not pickles and ice cream. Not hot dog milkshakes. Grapefruit. Which would probably explain why I only gained 20 pounds during that pregnancy. And to be honest, I was a little cocky about that. I was all "why do pregnant women make it seem so hard to keep weight gain reasonable?" And then?? I got pregnant again.

THIS time, wanna know what I'm craving? Food. ALL FOOD. Basically, if it's edible and you show me a picture of it, I'll crave it. For reals. It's actually a little sad. Pinterest has become torture for me. The food and drink section makes me want to move down south so that I have access to the ingredients required to make Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino food. And if that wasn't bad enough on it's own, I've always loved the Food network, but now I'm addicted to Eat St. It's about food carts and basically all it is is the host going to all these different food carts and show casing what they make. There's this one cart in Vancouver called Japadog which is run by this little Japanese man who makes hot dog with a twist. It had me checking my aeroplan miles to see if I had enough collected to make a trip down there to have a glorified hot dog.  They showcased this other one ( I can't remember the name of the cart) that was only ice cream sandwiches. FRESH ice cream sandwiches. Made on fresh cookies with home made ice cream. Ohhhh yeah.  An other truck makes crepes, and I watched him put smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, onions and tomatoes on a crepe. And I was drooling. And that's just the beginning. I've come to realize that Eat St. is pregnancy crack.

And to top it off, my food obsession seems to be affecting my son. Today, after his pre-bed glass of milk, he jumped off the rocking chair where we were cuddling like he'd just had a bright idea and ran to the fridge, took out an aerosol can of whipped cream, ran back to me and asked for a mouthful. And the sad part is, if I wasn't recovering from the flu, I probably would have joined him.

I need an intervention. Or a food tour.  HELP.


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