Kids are like their parents. Kinda.

My brother came into town this week for a quick pre-Christmas visit. It's been so nice spending time with him and his little guy. One day over lunch, we were chatting about how we behaved when we were kids. We were remembering that my brother in general is a people pleaser so when he was doing something that he knew he a) wasn't allowed to do or b) would upset someone he would be sneaky about it. I on the other hand, was pretty blatant about it. If there was something I wanted to do, I did it. In your face. Come what may.

Not four hours later we were all sitting at the kitchen table eating supper.  His little guy reaaaaaally wanted to go downstairs and was pretty distraught over not being allowed to go alone (my parents have a wood stove). He came to the table and asked every adult seated there in turn if they would take him down, to which we all responded NO, not till after supper. After seeing that no one was falling for his charm he went into the living room to regroup and plan a new strategy. At this point, Mac (who is used to wood stoves and fireplaces, and is allowed downstairs at our house whenever he wants) walked over to the top of the stairs and stared down them, curiously. He seemed to be wondering what the big deal was and was contemplating descending.

Bryson saw him standing there and all of a sudden was hit with inspiration and ran towards Mac yelling "GO DOWNSTAIRS MAC!! GO GO GO!!!" See, if Mac goes first then Bryson a) won't be alone and b) can play the "I just followed HIM" card.

We were sitting at the table watching this unfold laughing ourselves silly. I guess kids really ARE a bit like their parents.


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