Mr Chit Chat

Mac is a funny napper. Actually, that's not quite right. He's a funny waker-upper. I never know if he's going to wake up in a good mood or be Mr Thunderclouds.  There was a period of time between his first and second birthday where it seemed that every day he would wake up from his nap absolutely miserable and hating the world. You couldn't even look at him, because if he caught you, he would start crying. Weird. Apparently I did the same charming thing when I was his age. I would have to rock him sometimes for half an hour before he'd snap out of it.

Lately though, more often that not, he wakes up chatty. He just talks and talks and talks and it's so funny the stuff he comes up with. Here's an example of today's conversation, where I believe he was going through a list of everything he knew and telling me.

Mac: Mommy baby in her belly!
Me: Yep, that's right.
Mac: Hi Baby!! (waving at my belly).
Me: Pretty soon Mommy will have a big belly and Mac will be able to feel the baby moving!
Mac:  Stares at me in puzzled confusion. Mommy pocket!! (points at my jeans pocket).
Me: Yes, Mommy has a pocket. Mac doesn't because he's not wearing pants.
Mac: two eyes!!! (points to his eyes).
Me: Yes, Mac has two eyes.
Mac: Moon, Mommy!! (Pointing at the ceiling where my dad put glow in the dark stars and moons).
Me: Yes, there's a moon. It's called a "lune" in french.
Mac: No, Mommy, MOON.
Me: Whatever buddy.
Mac: Mac socks!!! (Pointing at his feet.
Me: Yes Mac is wearing socks.
Mac: Mac baby socks. Dadda BIIIIIIG socks!!
Me: Yes, Daddy's socks are bigger than yours.
Mac: Dadda working.
Me: Yes, Daddy's at work.
Mac: Dadda has pepper. Mac has pepper.
Me: Um. Sure.
Mac: Mac's turtle!! (Pointing at the twilight turtle on his toy chest)
Me: Yep.
Mac: gets up and goes to the turtle and fiddles with the buttons.  Mac can't do it!!
Me: Yes, Mac just press the button that's the farthest away.
Mac: Push button.  pushes the right button and it lights up. Walks around his bedroom until he gets to the door and points at the door knob which is covered with a child proof plastic thingie that keeps him from getting up in the middle of the night and wandering upstairs and waking us up.  Mac tan't (because his c's sound like t's) open door.
Me: Yes, that's right. Mommy can though.
Mac: Mac tan't.
Me: Nope, Mac can't.

And on.... and on... and on....

I wish I had a tape recorder to hide in his room and get this because sometimes his mind goes places that I can hardly follow.


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