So I have BIIIIGGGG NEWS that I've been keeping mostly under my hat. But now it's time to spill it. Tuesday of this week I had a doctors appointment... or should I say a MIDWIFE appointment because THAT'S RIGHT, I'M PREGNANT!!!

We found out I was pregnant the same week I was offered my job. Strange timing. But anyhow since we've had pregnancy loss issues we decided to keep it quiet until I was a little further along. Also, I was a little nervous about getting pregnant so soon after having had surgery, even though the doctor had given us the OK.

Ironically enough, I hadn't even really considered the fact that I might be pregnant because a) I was out of town most of the week I was suppose to be ovulating, b) it took us a year to get pregnant with the baby we lost because of the tubal pregnancy and c) I had just had surgery so I figured my body was still all stressed out from healing and wouldn't be ready for a pregnancy and d) I was down one fallopian tube.

And yet, here I am three months pregnant. At our appointment on Tuesday we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I forgot what a special sound that is.

Being pregnant is so different this time around. For one thing I can't just lay down and sleep anytime I'm tired because I have an energetic two year old that must eat a can of coffee beans every morning before I get up (that's the only way to explain his energy). The other difficult thing is that my current job involves being on my feet my entire shift, whereas last time I was sitting most of the time. However my boss at this job is awesome and understanding and that makes it easier. Despite all the aches and pains (and nausea) I'm so thankful to be pregnant with what appears to be a healthy baby. I know there are no guarantees and I'm taking it one day at a time, but I'm pretty darned excited to have made it this far!

Woot woot!!!


janelle said…

so ridiculously happy for you.
what an awesome, hopeful, christmas this will be! :D


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