The Tactician

I think this will be Mac's new nickname. The Tactician. He is a master of tactical behaviour and thinking. At least when it comes to time-outs, potty training, and bed time. How so? you ask. Let me share.

He's truly in the terrible twos. He started trying temper tantrums a while ago and I very quickly and efficiently put a stop to it. He still forgets and starts to throw one every now and then, but a quick reminder of the consequences usually snap him out of it. So after successfully handling that, I thought I was home free. Yeah right, mom. That's just what he wanted me to think. He was lulling me into a false sense of security.

He's entered the throwing stage and the talking back stage. (At two. Oh joy. What will the teenage years be like.) We've established a "Time Out" stool where he is required to sit when he makes a poor choice. HOWEVER. Now that we are starting to potty train him, he's figured out that the best way to get me to jump and run is to tell me he has to go the potty. Because I rarely call his bluff on the off chance that he really has to go. But now, one minute into time out he starts telling me he has to pee.  Hmmm...

Bedtime. Another prime tactical thinking example. Again, he waits for me to leave the room and then yells that he has to go to the potty. (My mom is somewhere laughing herself silly over this because I was known as The One Who Would Not Sleep, and would constantly call her back into my room with different requests for water, a back rub, ...etc etc. I don't know how my mom is still sane.) He has also just dissevered the joys of jumping on the bed.  So he jumps through his bedtime story and then freaks out when I try to leave because he didn't hear his book. Grrrrr.

I'm going to need super duper stealth mommy rambo skills to outwit this one. The force is strong with him.

(PS - I'm really sleep deprived right now so if this post makes no sense, blame the Tactician.)


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