Tired Mac

So anyone that is a parent or is close to kids knows that there are times where you feel bad, but you just have to laugh at your kids. Yesterday was one such day for me and I want to record it before I forget.

The last few weeks, my mom has been taking Mac swimming on Friday mornings. Mac LOVES it, and it gives me about an hour to do some running around with my little helper (read: without my little guy running around and putting random things in my cart while I'm not looking). It's usually between 11:30 and 12:00 by the time we get home, so I tend to stop at a fast food place (shame on me) so that I can feed him fast and get him into bed. Truth is though, he usually falls asleep in the car on the way home. Normally he wakes up when I bring him in the house and start taking off his clothes and then asks me for french fries.

Yesterday though he just couldn't seem to wake up. He was a limp noodle. I brought him in the house and he was fast asleep on my shoulder. I laid him down on the couch and removed his boots, toque and jacket and he was still out cold. I tried to sit him up and he just flopped over. At this point, I was starting to chuckle. I'm going to say really quickly here that the reason that I don't just drop him in bed is that he usually wakes up five minutes later confused about how he got to bed and angry that he's there and it wrecks his nap. It's easier to wake him up, feed him and then put him down. By this time though, I was thinking that I might get away with throwing him in bed today because he was soooo out of it. So I sat him up one more time this time propping him up in my arms and very quietly asked him if he wanted his french fries now, or if he wanted to sleep first. Without even opening his eyes and still half asleep he said in a barely audible voice "French fries" then sort of slumped over again. Now I was just outright laughing. Eyes still closed, and still slumping precariously to the right he half smirked. He honest looked like he'd been drugged. I asked him if he could open his eyes for me and really slowly his eyelids fluttered open about a millimetre and he gave me an other really silly grin.  It's a face that is forever burned into my mind and every time I picture it, it makes me smile..

Oh, and in case you're wondering, he did wake himself up shortly after and eat his french fries. And then napped for two hours.


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