Why My Job is Cool

Ever get the feeling the world is a very small place?

I really like my job. Some days I like it more than others, but in general it's a great job. My bosses are super understanding and patient, they give a lot of lee-way when it comes to hours (as in I basically get to say when I want to work), and when I do something wrong or don't know how to do something they never make me feel bad or stupid.

But one of the really cool parts of my job is that I get to meet some pretty awesome people. We are encouraged to engage our customers and to really connect with them, so I am basically paid to chit chat. During the course of my shift today, I served two women: one I would say was in her early to mid forties while the other, her mother, was probably in her 70's.  When they walked in they said they didn't need any help and were just looking around so I let them wander around on their own for a while. About fifteen minutes later they were still browsing and seemed to be looking at our "pre-packs" - packages of tea that are already packaged up. I walked over and asked again if they needed help and if they were shopping for a gift or for themselves. At this point the younger woman told me that she was just shopping around for herself so I told her that she *could* buy one of these pre packaged options or if she came to the counter/bar area we could create her own custom package. She seemed pretty excited about that idea so we went to the bar and started the smelling.

At one point, she mentioned that she wasn't from Timmins, she was just in the area visiting her mother and she wanted to know if David's Tea had an online store, or if we had any stores in her area. She then told me she lived in Barrie. Small world - that's where my brother lives.

We continued our talking/smelling of teas and she told me that she had travelled a lot, that they used to live in Victoria but had moved to Barrie for her husband's work. "He's in the military" she told me as an explanation. SHOCKER! So is my brother. It ends up that they are stationed at the same base!

We ended up chit chatting about all sorts of things: how difficult it is to be related to/married to someone who is over seas on a tour of duty (my brother did a tour in Afghanistan right before I got married and her husband just returned from the Sudan), how little people know about what really occurs while they are gone, how Remembrance Day has so much more meaning when you know someone who has fought or died in the service of their country (at which point we both got a little misty eyed), how we both like Thai food (I asked her if she had tried any Thai places in Barrie and she told me they hadn't had the chance so I referred her to Thai Bamboo - the yummiest food I've ever had bar none which I eat at every time I am in Barrie)...

By the time they left the store, I felt like I had made a new friend (albeit one I will likely never see again) and it took a while to realize that we'd been talking and smelling teas for nearly 45 minutes. And. I. Get. Paid. To. Do. This. How lucky am I?

Oh yeah, and her mother? She lived in Moonbeam when she was younger, which is about 20 minutes away from the town I was born and raised it. Huh!


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