9 PM Storytime

On any given night Mac's bedtime ranges between 7:15PM and 8:15PM depending on his level of crankiness. He's had a runny nose lately and has been going to bed early and sleeping late (for him). When I put him down at night, we read our two books, say our prayers, make sure all our stuffed animals are in their proper places, rub Mac down with vapour rub and turn on his humidifier.

Friday night, Mary took me out for supper and a movie as a belated birthday present - we both have kids so doing something on my actual birthday was not happening. I didn't really leave hubby with any bedtime instructions because (i thought) he knows the routine.  When I got home at 9ish I asked him how Mac had gone down, etc. etc. I couldn't hear the roar of the humidifier over the baby monitor (we still use it because Mac's room is downstairs so we can't hear him unless he's yelling at the top of his lungs) so I asked hubby if he'd turned it on at which point he turned a vacant gaze to me while still watching the hockey game on TV and said "Huh? Oh, no I forgot." I then asked if he'd put any vapour rub on Mac and got the same response.  I was glaring at him in a slightly frustrated manner and I think he could feel angry pregnant hormones coming off me at a higher and higher frequency because he actually tore his attention away from the TV long enough to say "He's completely out, I'm sure you can sneak in and turn on the humidifier."

*NOTE: Mac is a very light sleeper. It takes Marine training and serious ninja skills to go into his room without waking him. As the child of extremely light sleeper, I - fortunately - possess these skills.*

I tip toed downstairs and very quietly turned the doorknob, opened the door and slipped into his room. It was quiet. His twilight turtle was on and it was throwing green stars all over the ceiling. I was stealthily taking the tank off the humidifier to refill it when I got the feeling I was being watched. I slowly turned around to see Mac laying in bed, wide awake, watching me quietly.  We stared at each other for a minute, me wondering if he was still asleep and maybe just sleep-watching me (is there such a thing) and him probably wondering if I had just been stun-rayed and couldn't move.

Then he grinned. And my "oh crap I woke the baby" feelings became "Aww, hey buddy, Mommy's home" because that smile has me whipped. So I ended up sitting on his bed, chit chatting with him a while, getting suckered into reading three books, put on the vapour rub, kissed him twice, his giraffe once and his puppy once, telling him I loved him then slowly walking out with the biggest grin on my face.


He owns me. And he soooo knows it.


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