On Friday, after work I stopped by the pet store in the mall and bought a bunny.  I've never owned a bunny  before and never really had the desire to own one until after we had Mac. One day a woman from church babysat him and she had a rabbit and he fell completely in love. He talked about the bunny for days. Of course, at that time we had Hemi, so getting a bunny was out of the question since Hemi would consider it either a) a snack, or b) a chew toy.

However now that Hemi is gone, owning one has become a possibility. After the incident between Mac and Hemi, my hubby and I talked about getting an other dog. My husband, having recently suffered a significant emotional experience was 100% against getting an other dog. I was planning on getting one next summer. We compromised and agreed not to get an other one until the baby I'm currently pregnant with was a few years old.  So now I find my house empty and in need of a furry companion. After talking to a few people that have owned one, I decided to buy one.

My husband thought I was crazy at first but we talked about it and I explained my need for a furry companion. The funny thing is - obviously - a bunny is not a dog. You can't do the same things together or bond in the same way.  BUT, after giving Clover two days to get used to the house I can say one thing for sure - she has some of the same character traits as Hemi. Weird, I know. Hemi used to do this thing where he'd be laying quietly then he'd suddenly go squirrely and start running around the living room and kitchen in a manic way, then get really quiet again. Today, I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw Clover do the same thing.

Mac has really taken to her as well. He's still getting used to the fact that she's not a dog and therefor can't play with him the way Hemi used to but he seems to be enjoying her a lot. We're just having to supervise him pretty closely because his idea of gentle and ours is a little different. Still, it's been fun having a pet in the house again.

PS - As I was waiting for this to load, she just launched herself onto the lazy boy.  Now I'm just waiting to see how she plans to get off.


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