Everything OK?

I made a decision a while ago to talk to Mac like he's a person and not a kid in an effort to broaden his vocabulary and not end up with a child that can hardly speak at the age of three. Apparently though, I have little confidence in his ability to retain or understand what I say to him, which just goes to show how clueless I really am. Which he proved to me.

We had a billion errands to run today and Mac wasn't in the mood to run in and out of a zillion places so I bought him a hash brown from McDonald's (yes, I'm THAT mom) and he just stayed in the car while I ran in and out of a bunt of places. He was happy in the car - in fact he told me three times that he wanted to stay in it while I was out - until we got to my parents house. They're out of town right now and they asked me to check on the place every now and then just to make sure nothing catastrophic was happening. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, Mac told me "Mac coming in!!". This was the one place I DIDN'T want him to come in because he would want to play and we didn't have time, so I told him that I was just checking to see if everything was OK and then we were leaving. He seemed content with this so I ran in, checked the basement to make sure it wasn't flooded, made sure nothing was wrong and jogged back out to the car.

As I was buckling up my seat belt Mac said something that I didn't quite catch. I asked him to repeat himself to which he answered "Was everything OK mom?". I know it sounds stupid but I ended up chuckling to myself while driving for the next few minutes. And then I realized that my little boy is becoming a man. Bittersweet.

But, still cute.


janelle said…
that is too dear! <3 what a sweetheart.

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