How Kids Like Embarrassing Parents

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Somewhere, my mom is laughing herself silly.

See, when I was a kid, I was excellent at mostly inadvertently embarrassing my parents - my mom in particular. One such event stands out in my mind to this day (although I'm sure my mom could list off ten instances at the drop of a hat). We were hosting a missionary for a few nights and my mom had gone into company mode and cleaned the house to within an inch of it's life and threatened us with a slow and painful death asked us to please be on our best behaviour. Then, one night at supper, I spotted a bowl of shredded cheese. With a spoon in it. 

We aren't rednecks. We aren't badly raised. But for as long as I've lived, we've never used a spoon in shredded cheese. We just scoop a little handful in our hands. So this was really weird to me and prompted me to ask my mom "Why is there a spoon in the cheese!?!?" leaving no doubt in the visitors mind that we don't usually do that. To which my mother, turning beet red and laughing awkwardly replied "Because we have company" while shooting me a look that would wilt... well, everything. You get the point.

So anyhow, anytime Mac embarrasses me, she gets a good slightly vindictive laugh.  I wanted to record a situation like this so that I can remind Mac of it when he has kids and he complains that they're little terrorists intent on humiliating him.

Last week we had to take Mac to the walk-in clinic because we suspected he had an ear infection. Prior to leaving we had doped him up pretty good on painkillers so he was in a pretty good mood and not in any discomfort. After sitting in the waiting room for 45 minutes though, he was starting to get a little restless. There was music playing that was surprisingly upbeat and Mac started to dance around. This really cute older couple was sitting across from us and were chuckling at his antics and even turned to to me and asked how old he was and said he reminded them of their grandson.

I was feeling ridiculously proud of him when he chose that moment to turn, smile in the most endearing manner and yell announce "I FARTED!!!" in a really happy tone.

Thanks kid.


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