More and more I'm realizing that Mac is establishing his own bedtime routine and it goes something like this:

I get his PJ's and night night diaper and bring them upstairs. Daddy gets him dressed while I get his toothbrush. I then wrestle him into submission and brush his teeth. I get his milk ready and we head downstairs to his bedroom . He usually rides on Daddy's shoulders. Once he's been thrown into his bed (yes, thrown - that's how he likes it) Daddy makes him count to ten. Every night, he skips number four just because he knows it drives Daddy batty. Then Daddy says goodnight and heads upstairs. Mac picks a few books out of his library and we settle into bed. I read him a chapter out of his little picture bible and then we read his books. Usually it's either a book of pictures showing different kinds of trucks, tractors etc.  If it's not that, then it's the Pookie books by Sandra Boynton. LOVE those books. They're cute, easy to read and simple enough that he knows them off by heart and "reads" them with me. We then say a goodnight prayer.  Here are some of the things he thanked God for tonight:

1. His new Thomas pajama shirt.
2. The ballon he got (and promptly released) when he went and visited Grandpapa at work.
3. Nanny and Papa (his other grandparents)
4. His poop in the toilet.

Yeah, sometimes I wonder if he gets it yet.

Then it's when I start trying to leave. Note: trying. He sees me starting to leave and begins to barter.

"MOMMY" he yells, in a panicky voice.
"Yes?" I ask, from the doorway.
"I want.... want.... want...  want... "he's looking frantically around for something he can legitimately want that he can't get himself, "want that." He points to a pillow outside his room on the couch.

It's hilarious.

Anyhow, I had to share.

Also, here's are a few other funny and cute things from Mac.


The other day, I asked him if he wanted to feel the baby in my belly kick. Of course, as soon as he put his hand on my belly, the baby stopped kicking. But today, after he woke up from his nap, he looked at me and said "Mommy, want to feel baby kicking in belly." *Melting*


He was running around singing Old MacDonald and I was tuning him out until a part of what he was singing sank in to me. He was saying "With a double double here, and a double double there..."


On Valentines day (which also happens to be my mama's birthday) we brought her a bouquet of flowers. All the way to her house, Mac was singing Happy Birthday. When we got there he was so excited, he was practically dancing around while we waited for her to answer the door. When she opened the door, he was so overcome with excitement that he handed her the flowers and practically YELLED.... "TRICK OR TREAT". That's right. Trick or treat. Not happy birthday.

I love my kid.


janelle said…
hahah! trick or treat - that's the best :D i bet your mom loved it! he's such a fun kid, dan. you're a good mom :).

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