We're all varying degrees of sick. Hubby has a sore throat and plugged ears and runny eyes, Mac is coughing up a storm and sounds a bit like the neighbours collie with the voice problems and he is producing more snot than I thought one little man can make, and I have a swollen, sore throat and the beginnings of excessive snot production. All in all, a really great way to spend a long weekend.

Mac just woke up from his nap and is coughing and choking on all the boogers in his throat and sitting on hubby's lap watching Madagascar 2. We were all sitting on the couch watching it through our cold induced stupor and it got to the part where all the giraffes are trying to convince the one giraffe to be their doctor and they are describing that their current method of medical treatment is digging a dying hole and dying.

Just as we were watching this, Mac was overtaken by a particularly violent batch of coughing. While rubbing his back, hubby commented "Maybe we should dig you a hole too!". Right now, in this moment, that is hilarious to me.


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