Smushed Peppers and Uncles

I got to have lunch with my big brother today. He lives about 7 (six the way I drive) hours away and we don't see each other all that often however he had to travel for work and had a layover here for four or so hours so we went out for lunch.

I'd been telling Mac that he was going to see uncle M. today and he was really excited. I always worry that since we don't see each other that often that Mac won't feel that close to him. But what I saw today warmed my heart. Mac walked into East Side's where we were meeting Mitch and saw him across the restaurant and ran over and gave him a big hug. The kind where he rests his head on your shoulder and closes his eyes while he squeezes. *heart melting*.

Of course, the real funny moment was when we were leaving. My mom was strapping him into his car seat  and was commenting that the straps of the seat seemed really snug. As she was saying this, Mac said "OW" pretty loudly. 
My Mom: What??
Mac: OW!!
My Mom: What hurts??
Mac: Pecker *mumbles*
My Mom: What hurts Mac?? (she really was having a hard time with the seat belt and was only half paying attention.
Mac: *practically yelling* SMUSHING MY PECKER!!!
My Mom: *Speechless*

I laughed so hard I nearly cried. Isn't spending time with family great?


janelle said…
hahahahah best line ever!

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