Wisdom and the Eye Twitch

I have an eye twitch. It started a few days ago and unless I tell you about it, it's not noticeable. Except that to me it feels like my left eye is having a seizure. Annoying. I'm not sure if this is another one of those joys of pregnancy that I get to experience, but although it's less painful than being kicked in the bladder, it's more annoying.

So I was in a great mood this morning as I twitchily got showered and dressed and headed out to do some errands. We'd all been cooped up in the house for the entire weekend because of a cold. Mac and hubby are getting over it - I caught it looking after them and am somewhere between sore throat and excessive phlegm production today. I'm not sure if that's day 2 or 3. Anyhoo....

I went to Walmart where I did my groceries (I do as much as I can there due to the fact that they price match and I've realized that I can save like, $20 a grocery run if I do this) and picked up a few extras (Tylenol for Mac who is a mucus oozing mess and nail clippers for the hubby since apparently Mac thinks it's funny to go through Daddy's junk drawer and hide things he needs on him causing him to become amusing apoplectic). After standing in line for 10 minutes at one of the three open cashes (because apparently, if you go to Walmart early in order to get out of there faster, you're dumb because that's when they schedule the Slowest. Cashiers. Ever. *Insert violent eye twitch here*) it was our turn. She rang through my purchases and did all my price matching until she reached the last item - bacon, (which, from price matching I was saving $2.00) and started having issues. Slow issues. (*Second violent eye twitch*) And I swear it was like she was going more slowly than possible in order to pressure me into saying "Oh, never mind, just ring it through" because of the angry mob line of people behind me. Forget that! It's two bucks, dang it!! So I waited her out and she magically figured it out. (Mac was really good during all this btw, and so was the 1 1/2 year old boy with the lady behind me.)

So I left Walmart a little twitchier than when I arrived and did a few more pit stops before ending up at my favourite Polish butcher shop that makes the BEST smoked meat (their ham will ruin you for the deli department in grocery stores) only to find out that they HAD NO HAM AVAILABLE. *Eye twitch*. No problem, I thought.  The kindly older gentleman serving me wrapped up my purchase (dry krakowska and garlic sausage, mmmm) and I was about to make it out of there when he started to lecture me about Mac not wearing a toque.

In my defence, it's above zero today, we walked ten steps from the vehicle (where he had ripped off the toque and thrown it to the other side of the vehicle) to the shop, and it's NONE OF HIS DAMN BUSINESS. I smiled and kindly responded that *EYE TWITCH* the toque was *EYE TWITCH* in the truck *EYE TWITCH* and that I'm not a neglectful mother.

Listen, I know older people are a fountain of wisdom etc. etc. etc. and I agree most days but today was not the day to offer me wisdom.  None the less I made it home without squaring up at anyone and I leave you now with one thought:



janelle said…
gah! i SO understand! a few weeks ago i had the exact same thing happen! it was above zero, sam had torn off his hat (his birthmark is all blood vessels, so his head gets really warm fast) and i was only running from the parking lot to the car when a lady lectured me on his not wearing a hat. that was bad enough ... then i noticed her giving his birthmark the eye and realized she was suggesting he should wear a hat to cover it up!!!!!!!!
total eye twitch.
(in high school, i had an eye twitch for 3 weeks straight. seriously distressing.)
Danielle said…
That lady is lucky it was you and not me because believe me, my reaction would not have been and eye twitch.

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