Cute disobedience

I know I know. Disobedience is BAD. But sometimes, watching a kid in the process of disobedience can be funny or cute. Like today.

I was trying to get Mac down for his nap and he was stalling. I know I've written a post about this before, but this calls for a repeat.  I was herding him down the stairs and he was jumping every second stair while telling me to go back upstairs when I finally got annoyed, passed him, stood at the bottom of the stairs and said he could jump one more time, then it was bed time. Do you know what he did??

He sat down on the stair and said "Wait Mommy, I have to catch my breath."

Where does a two year old even come up with this stuff?!?!

Also cute (but not disobedient) is something that occurred while we were at my brothers.  He and Bryson were playing and Bryson had been using the same toy for a while and Mac asked for a turn. My brother told Bryson he had to share and took the toy and gave it to Mac, then returned to the table where he and I were eating breakfast. Meanwhile, Bryson threw himself on the ground and started yelling.

NOTE: One thing we DO NOT tolerate in our house is whining/temper fits. So I guess technically that's two things. But when Mac engages in these behaviours we VERY QUICKLY put a stop to it because it is mine and hubby's pet peeves. We didn't realize how much this had sunk in until...

Mac walked over to Bryson and in a very stern tone said "STOP!! Don't cry!". Bryson was stunned to say the least. Mitch and I had to work very hard not to cry from the laughter. It's these moments that remind us that when we think absolutely nothing is going into our kids' head, every now and then a little nugget of wisdom takes up residence.

I'll post more on the trip later.


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