First joke... I think

I was putting Mac to bed (I feel like all my posts have started like this recently) and we were reading a nature book. I was pointing at pictures and asking Mac what things were. We did the rabbit, the squirrel, the fox, the owl etc etc.  We got to an acorn and I'm pretty sure Mac told his first joke. It went something like this:

Me: What's this? *points to acorn*
Mac: a coconut
*bear in mind here that all of Mac's C's come out sounding like T's*
Me: A what???
Mac: a coconut *starts giggling*
Me: Mac, Mommy doesn't understand what you're saying. What???
Mac: *full on laughing hysterically* A COCONUT.

I finally got what he was saying and I actually had a good laugh too, mostly at him laughing himself silly.

Russel Peters he is not. Adorable?? Absolutely!


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