Future *AWESOME* Big Brother

Mac and I had kind of a rocky morning. We were rushing to get out of the house in time to make it to ladies bible study and Mac was having issues listening so it made for kind of a lousy start to the day. He got used to playing outside all the time when the weather got nice that now that it's back to being seasonal - freezing rain and crazy windy - he's got an exceptionally strong case of cabin fever.

But, there's something about two year old that they can redeem an entire horrible day in one easy cute deed. And Mac is the Master at that.

I was laying on the couch while he and Daddy were working out. I had my shirt rolled up over my belly and I was watching the acrobatics that Baby X was doing when Mac came back upstairs. When he saw my belly, he ran over and asked to feel the baby kick. This time, the baby kicked so hard he not only felt it, he visibly SAW it move. He was pretty thrilled at that. Then, spontaneously, he started singing to my belly!! (Harry always tells Mac that it's going to be his responsibility to teach this baby to count, sing the alphabet, etc etc. I always thought that it was just going in one ear and out the other but apparently not.) After he wrapped up the alphabet song, he then proceeded to quote the first verse of Psalm 23 (that's as far as we've got).  When he finished that he leaned in and kissed my belly. I love him :)


janelle said…
ahhh this totally made me cry. mac IS the master of cuteness! <3

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