Mac Quote

When we first started potty training Mac we had a few eye-opening (and bank breaking) experiences. It's like kids are part cat and when they see a brand new full roll of toilet paper, the first thing that pops into their head is "MUST UNROLL!!!" (which goes nicely with a rabbit that sees toilet paper on the floor and thinks "MUST SHRED!!!").  Suffice it to say that Mac got in trouble several times for unrolling toilet paper, to the point where we told him he wasn't allowed to touch it. By the way, it would be so hard not to laugh when we were disciplining him because you could tell he totally knew he was in the wrong, but he had this look on his face like "I couldn't HELP it!! I HAD to!"

So anyhow, I walked into the bathroom today after he yelled "Mommy!! All done!!" three times and he looked at me with a serious face and said "Mommy, I touched the toilet paper." Solemnly. Like he was telling me some really bad and potentially disturbing news. I checked on the floor under the still full roll then peeked into the toilet and saw no toilet paper. "You touched it??" I asked, hoping for some clarification. He nodded and reached over with his hand and demonstrated TOUCHING the toilet paper. NOT unrolling it, just touching it. Then he looked back at me for a reaction. I was struggling not to bust a gut laughing and said "You just touched it??" one more time at which point he answered me with the COOLEST. LINE. EVER. used to describe potential disobedience.

He goes "Mommy, it happens sometimes."

Best. Quote. Ever.


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