Weird Smells

You'd think that at this point in my pregnancy nothing would really surprise me anymore, but it turns out, it does. I noticed it yesterday. I was making tomato sauce and meatballs for supper when all of a sudden the smell of the sauce nearly knocked me on my butt. I double checked the expired date on both the meatballs and the sauce and everything was good. But the longer it cooked, the more potent the smell became. I even asked Harry if anything smelled weird (he just looked at me like I was nuts). I normally LOVE the smell of tomatoes cooking - more than I actually like eating it - but the only was I can describe how it smelled to me is really gross. You know that really astringent smell that lingers when cats spray?? THAT's what I could smell.

Then I went to cut up and eat some watermelon. It tasted like Styrofoam. I was about to throw it out when Harry stopped me, tasted it, and told me it tasted normal.

And now this morning I am sitting at the table eating cinnamon toast crunch and all I can smell is TUNA. That's right. Tuna. I haven't had tuna in over a week.



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