To the next stranger/casual acquaintance that says "Oh my goodness, you're so small for 7 1/2 months: BEWARE. I may haul off and smack you.  I understand that you were roughly the size of a small yacht during your pregnancy and your back hurt blah blah blah...

Can I tell you what being "small" entails??  No, my lower back my not be AS sore as yours was, but it still hurts. Also, think about it. If the baby isn't sticking OUT very far, where do you suppose he/she is?? That's right. Pressing up against the inside of my spine. Stretching out my abdominal muscles and playing them like a harp. And the best part? You know my diaphragm?? It has a permanent charlie horse because the baby is pressing up on it. Try breathing and being punched in the stomach each time.

So yes, I may seem small TO YOU. But take my word for it - this baby is NOT small.  Prior to my delivery and judging by my size doctors and my midwife estimated Mac's weight to be about 5.5 lbs. He weighed 6 lbs 13 oz. So believe me. This baby is not teeny tiny and like having a little butterfly fluttering around in my stomach. It's like packing Mohammad Ali into a box one size too small for him. And he's mad.

So don't tell me I'm lucky to be small or next time, I might channel a little of my interior Ali.


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