Heart Warming

I think I mentioned it not long ago, but Mac has been in a marathon mommy-testing mood lately that leaves me feeling pretty crummy since I spend a LOT of time disciplining him. I've been making an effort to do fun stuff with him but it still sucks. Every now and then though, he does something really heart warming that gives me hope that I'm not a total failure as a mom.

As previously stated, he is obsessed with his giraffe. It's his best friend, confidant, comfort... you name it, that's what it is to him.  In fact, the other day when I put him to bed for a nap, I could hear him on the baby monitor talking to it. He was telling it "One, two, buckle my shoe, three, four, shut the door, five, six pick up sticks..." etc. It was hilarious. And adorable.

Today, we were sitting at the table talking about the baby - well, actually, he was telling me that it was time for the baby to come out, and I was agreeing with him - when he suddenly turns to me and says "Mommy, I'mma share giraffe with the baby." And there I was. In a puddle. On the floor. For Mac to offer to share his giraffe is MONUMENTAL.  And adorable.

The other really heart-warming thing he did today was actually kind of funny. You know those moments when your child has been talking your ear off all day and you're at the point where if you have to explain ONE MORE THING in detail you're going to lose your ever loving mind? Well, that's where we were. I was trying to prepare Baby B's room and do some cleaning and unpacking and Mac was standing in the crib looking out the window into the neighbours yard. There was a robin sitting in the middle of their lawn not really doing anything. Mac tried yelling (the window was shut so the bird didn't even twitch) and then knocking on the window which made the bird walk a few steps but not much else. He really wanted to see this bird fly and it was just not obliging. Finally, frustrated, he turned to me and asked why the bird wouldn't fly. So I did what any tired, pregnant, distracted mommy would do. I made something up and said the first thing that came to mind. I said maybe the bird was too cold to fly (it's really not nice here today.) It seemed to satisfy Mac until five minutes later when Mac came and found me, holding a blanket and telling me he wanted to go outside. It was the blanket that had been in the crib. I asked him what he was doing with the baby's blanket and he answered:

"I'mma give it to the birdie and warm him up"

I. Am. In. Love.


janelle said…
i'm dying over the cuteness of this! he's such a gem <3 he is going to make the sweetest big brother :)

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