Men are from Mars...

Anyone who's married can vouch for the fact that regardless of how alike you are to your spouse, you still think two completely different ways. And for those of us who are of the "opposites attract" group, it's even more evident.  The last few days a few conversations Hubby and I have had have completely highlighted that fact.

1. We were watching Undercover Boss. *NOTE: do not watch this show pregnant unless you want to be a blubbering mess!!* Anyhow, it was the episode with the President of Fedex.  I only saw part of it, but  at one point she rode along with one of the couriers who told her about his struggle with terminal cancer.  She was asking him about his vacation time and what he likes to do when he's off and he commented that his wife has been asking for a family vacation sailing or cruise for years now. Anyhow, of course, at the end she meets up with him, tells him who she is and tells him she's paying to send his entire family on a cruise somewhere fantastic. At this point I'm doing my best to hide the fact that I'm thisclose to being a sobbing mess all the while thinking that it's so nice of her to do this for him. And that's when my husband pipes up and says: "That's cheap. She should have just bought him a boat."


2. Yesterday we were getting ready for bed. I'd had a long day of cleaning the house (HOW DOES IT GET THIS DIRTY THIS FAST!!?!?) and then had worked a shift in the evening so needless to say I was TIRED. I got home and was telling my husband (OK, whining to him) that this baby is doing a lot of stretching and it feels like A) it's playing with my abdominal muscles like they are guitar strings and B) I have a permanent charlie horse feeling under my right ribs. And I'm only 30 weeks. I seriously don't know how much bigger this baby can get because there's NO ROOM. I don't know about you, but I was expecting some sympathy... maybe an offer of a back rub or something. Guess what he said.  "Well, it's gotta be getting tight in there for the baby. I'll bet he/she isn't comfortable."  Yeah. Take the baby's side. Whatever.


janelle said…
TOTALLY from mars! (if it helps, i cry at undercover boss even when i'm not prego)

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