Things I Love About This Time Of Year

Here's a list of things I love about Spring/Summer. I figured it was time to have a happy, non-whiney, not kid related in topic post.

1. If I have to put a bag of garbage in the can, I can do it bare foot.
2. Not having to wear 45 layers of clothing.
3. Not having to dress Mac in 45 layers of clothing, then quickly strip him when he announces that he has to pee.
4. Not having to start the car 45 minutes in advance before leaving for somewhere.
5. Not having to park in the garage.
6. Driving with the windows down.
7. BBQ
8. Slushies
9. Crops (pants, not shirts).
10. Sitting in the sun AKA Vitamin D.
11. Having all the windows in the house open and feeling the breeze.
12. Sleeping with the windows open.
13. Waking up to the morning doves cooing.
14. Sprouting tulips.
15. Thunder storms.
16. The smell after a big downpour on hot pavement.
17. Soft Ice Cream.
18. Bike rides.
19. The smell of clothing dried on clothes line.


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