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I'm 35 weeks today. That means that this baby is going to be evicted sometime in the near-ish future. Since Mac was a c-section baby and I am trying for a natural birth this time, I was hit by some last minute panic about what to expect during labor so (stupid me) I decided to do some research. On the inter net. You know, that place where anyone can write just about anything they want and call it fact?? Yeah.

After about an hour of surfing and reading and gradually getting more and more annoyed with all these women who insist on having "their perfect experience" and then blame everyone around them when their labor and delivery doesn't go exactly how they had planned (hello - the point of birth is not to have an "experience" - it's to have a BABY - if you want an experience, go bungee jumping!!) I came across this hilarious site titled "15 unexpected surprises during birth".  (You can check it out here) Some of the stories are a little gross, but still funny.

I never realized how birth is such a polarizing topic. It's sort of like breast feeding. You meet people that are fanatical about it and look at you like you're guilty of child abuse if you don't nurse until your child is 7, you meet people that are breast feeding friendly but also acknowledge that they are your boobs and you can decided for yourself how long you want to loan them to your child, and you meet people who think breastfeeding is anti feminist. Apparently, birth is the same way.

I've met people who are anti-pain medication, people who think that "they are strong enough to do it", people who think that it's mind over matter, people who want an epidural after the first contraction... you name it, someone claims it. I take offence to people who say it's mind over matter for one simple fact: IT'S NOT TRUE. To a point I agree - dealing with pain is a mind over matter thing. HOWEVER you cannot blanket ALL births with this statement.

Because lets face it. There's not a heck of a lot you can control when it comes to having a baby. You can control your reaction to pain, and that's almost it. You can't control how quickly your labor progresses (or when it starts), you can't control the width of your pelvis (which could cause you to have a c-section) you can't control the position of the baby, you can't control the baby's heart rate and prevent it from going into distress, you can't control if you start hemorrhaging...

Mac was breeched. So breeched in fact, that during my c-section, the doctors pulled so hard trying to un-wedge him from under my ribs that my hips and lower torso were coming off the OR table. You can't tell me that if I had simply put mind over matter, I could have pushed hard enough to deliver him. Odds are, he would have died. Or I would have. That's where mind over matter would have got me.

So this time around, here is my birth plan:

I would like to deliver a healthy baby. If at the end of everything the baby and I are healthy, I will consider it a successful "experience." Everything else is just details. :)


patrick said…
(hello - the point of birth is not to have an "experience" - it's to have a BABY - if you want an experience, go bungee jumping!!) --- I super love this line :D

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