Crazy Dreams

Pregnancy makes me have really crazy vivid dreams. I read somewhere that is hormones that cause this. Whatever it is, it makes for some really interesting nights. Take last night, for instance.

I dreamt that I woke up in the middle of the night and was cramping uncomfortably. Then I realized that the baby was coming out. At. That. Moment. I proceeded to deliver the baby in my bed while my husband hurried to call our midwife (who actually lives right around the corner from us in real life). She arrived in time to deliver the placenta. She cleaned the baby up, checked him over and handed him (yes, him - it was a boy) to us, upon which I realized that he looked exactly like McKinley had at 3 months of age.  At which point I commented to my husband "Wow. I was worried about him being OK because I'm only 36 weeks, but imagine if I had carried him to 40 weeks?! He'd be huge!!".

And then I woke up. Clearly I'm afraid of having a huge baby. Or something.


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