Date with Mac

I just had the best morning ever. It had the potential to suck, but it because a really fun "date" instead. As I have previously lamented, Mac has been going through a bit of the terrible twos what with his testing me nearly constantly. That, coupled with the fact that I'm a raging B* because of these pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep have made for a slightly tumultuous last few months in our home.

We had a whole bunch of errands to do this morning. Usually this ends with me frazzled because Mac is whining that he wants to play outside and I still have a HUGE list of things to do. But today, for whatever reason, it just worked out GREAT.

We started off going to the grocery store where I told Mac he was allowed to choose ONE THING in the store to buy. (Thank God he didn't pick a giant prime rib roast or I would have had some explaining to do to my hubby!) He chose Miss Vicki's Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar chips (ahh, a child after my own heart!). Then we went to Walmart where I had to pick up a few little things, then Home Depot to get paint samples for the new house/cottage. Oh yeah - that arrived last Tuesday! He was so good the entire time, that I asked him if he wanted to stop at the mall and eat lunch in the food court. He of course said YEAH!!

When we got to the mall, we saw a new photo booth had been set up, so after we ate lunch, we went in and had our pictures done. I look like crap - he is adorable. That's what I get for not wearing any makeup. He loved it so much that he wanted to do it again, but I was out of change so I promised him next time we would. The really cool thing about this photo booth is that it prints out two copies of all the pictures so that you each have a set. So when we got home we hung up one set in Mac's room, and I will keep the other in my purse.  Here they aren't. Isn't he precious!?
Like I said: Best. Morning. Ever.


janelle said…
these are adorable! you guys both look great - what a fun day :D

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