Driving and the Apple-Weiner

No, this is not a recipe post. This is a warning to other moms about watching what you say around the kidlets because it comes back to haunt you. Fortunately for me, it haunted me in a funny way.  Here goes.

The other day while driving into town, someone in a big truck sped up past me, pulled in front of me and cut me off then proceeded to obnoxiously tail gait the poor car in front of me AND THERE WAS AN EMPTY LANE FOR HIM TO GO AROUND US. Certain things are trigger points for me and that kind of driving is one of them. So I called the driver a "wiener". Not thinking about the parrot in the backseat.

To him a wiener is a hot-dog. Not an obnoxious truck driver. Mommy makes no sense.

So he asked me (probably confused because he couldn't see a hot dog on the road) "Mommy, where wiener!?"

And then I had to explain that mommy used the word wiener to describe the crazy man driving the big truck in front of us. I told Mac that he was driving in an unsafe manner and that he was being dangerous and inconsiderate and that "wiener" was a word used to describe people that drive like that.

He contemplated it for a few minutes and then said, "No Mommy, him not a wiener, him an APPLE!!" and then laughed uproariously. I thought I got off the hook until we got home and upon exiting our vehicle and glancing down the street he proceeded to ask me if all the trucks parked on our road were being driven by wieners. Ooops.

A few days went by and nothing was mentioned.

And then today, while driving into town a large truck pulled in front of us. He didn't cut us off or anything, just pulled into our lane ahead of us. Mac saw him and gleefully yelled out:

"Mommy!! That man an apple-wiener!!"



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