I have something on my mind that is going to make me sound like a crazy uptight pain in the you-know-what but if I don't write something on here, it will end up on someone's Facebook status/comment and REALLY cause issues. So I am going to vent here.

What is with the way people write!?!?  What is so hard about learning the correct places to use their, there and they're? Your and you're? Were and we're? And when to use an apostrophe (hint: DO NOT USE IT TO PLURALIZE!!!) What bums me out the MOST is that a lot of these are not just on personal pages but on group pages with posts from volunteers.

The other day, someone I know made a post about collecting penny's for the Humane Society. Yes. Penny's. Not pennies. Penny's. Were they collecting people and animals named Penny? Because based on that sentence, that's what I would think. And the worst part is, I am ALL FOR the Humane Society! I think they do very important work and support them 100%. But please. Posts like that make people/businesses look illiterate and when you rely on donations, you really can't afford that.

Also, it's spelled CATTY not caddy.  A caddy is a person who chooses your clubs on a golf course. It makes me laugh ( as well as want to bash my head on my keyboard) when people make comments about someones behaviour being "caddy". So, that means they're prone to choosing golf clubs for you, I guess. Hmmm.

Your: it belongs to you
You're: YOU ARE
Their: it belongs to THEM
They're: THEY ARE
There: a location - I am going there.
We're: WE ARE


Now, because karma is a boomerang, I'm sure somewhere in this post I will have done each thing I'm complaining about. Apparently pregnancy gives me grammar rage.

End rant.



janelle said…
bahaha i SO understand grammar rage! i suffer from it myself - but it's a long standing condition, pre-pregnancy for me for sure.
also - adorable new banner picture! can't believe how fast mac is growing!

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