Through the Eyes of a Child

Ever wonder what it must be like to see things through the eyes of a child?? To be told something and then get to experience it for the first time? We got to do that today with Mac and it was truly one of the most endearing, joyful experiences I've had the pleasure of sharing with him.

We had a thunderstorm tonight. Now, I know that this isn't the first time Mac has observed a thunderstorm since he's been alive for nearly three summers, but this is the first time he's KNOWN what a thunderstorm was while he was experiencing it. And it was so cool.

See, he has this book called Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? by the great Dr Seuss and one of his favorite parts of the book is "BOOM BOOM BOOM Mr Brown is a wonder, BOOM BOOM BOOM Mr Brown makes thunder. He makes the lightning, SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT, and it's very very hard to make a noise like that". He loves to make the thunder and lightning sounds. So when we saw the thunder rolling in, I asked him if he remembered that part of the book. He, of course, did. Within about five minutes the storm rolled in and we were treated to a first class thunder and lightning storm.

He was SO excited. He was talking a mile a minute, and rather than being scared at the loud thunder claps he would squeal in joy and ask everyone around him, "Hear that?!?!  Hear that noise!?!? BOOM BOOM BOOM THUNDER!!!!" Since my dad works at the airport and has a background in meteorology (as well as a a pretty intense interest in it) I called him on the phone so that he could talk to Mac about it and hear his excitement. We reached my parents on my dad's cell phone and since they were already in the car they decided to swing by our house so they could witness Mac first hand. I'm so glad they did.

When my dad talks about meteorology, we tend to only half listen. It was so nice to see him interact with Mac about a subject that really interests him, and I'm sure it was great for him to share this with his grandson. The rest of us just got a kick out of Mac's reactions.

You realize how much of nature's beauty and awesome power you take for granted when you get to see it through the eyes of a child. Truly a special experience.


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