Green Monster Smoothie Experiment

I am officially jumping on the Green Monster Smoothie bandwagon. I have been a skeptical bystander of this trend for a long time. I remember going to visit my brother and watching my sister in law make a smoothie with spinach and thinking she was insane. And all those people that claim you can't taste the spinach? I was pretty sure they were all lying. Kind of like people who use margarine instead of butter and claim there's no taste different. Yeah, right.

But last night while I was feeding Isaac and creeping Pinterest for the four millionth time that day, I followed a link to a website where a girl claimed that her Green Monster was healthy and delicious.  I won't argue healthy. But I didn't believe delicious. But the thing is as a new mom there's a certain amount of exhaustion that goes along with it. Add on the fact that any time Isaac sees me eat it seems to make him hungry so I pretty much have been living on cereal, granola and fibre 1 bars (BTW a word of advice: go easy on Fiber 1 bars. They cause EXPLOSIVE gas) because I can eat that at the same time I feed the booby monster.

HOWEVER when I was pregnant I had made a pact that I would eat healthier than I did before. Mostly because I had also made a pact to get back into shape as quickly as possible and after I had Mac I ran a half marathon but felt like crap because I wasn't eating properly so I wanted to get fit AND feel good. Hence my willingness to try something that was likely going to be disgusting in the interest of health. But SHOCKER. It was actually good. Here's the recipe I used:

Two handfuls of spinach
Two heaping tablespoons of raspberry yogurt
One heaping tablespoon of peanut butter
Three ice cubes
One frozen banana

Blend. Drink. Repeat.

Apparently this smoothie answers all of life's problems. OK, not really, but it's suppose to be great for your hair and nails and BONUS it has lots of iron which is good for a tired mommy. And if I suddenly become Rapunzel I sure won't complain. So I'm going to drink one a day and see if I notice a difference. Trial by fire.


janelle said…
i've never been a recipe follower for anything, let alone smoothies, so take this advice from someone who is too lazy or impatient to follow a recipe ...
i fill my blender with fresh spinach, add a little of whatever juice i want in my smoothie (i usually use oj, because it's what i have on hand), and blend until the spinach is obliterated. then i add the fruit, yogurt, juice, ice, whatever. magic. (as long as i include at least 1 of the following, i can never taste the spinach: banana, strawberries, lime juice (even just a smidge), or mango.) that way, no matter what i have on hand, i can still get a great green energy burst!

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