In Love

Happiness... Joy... Contentment...

I'm in love. Head over heels, want to stay up and stare at his face, don't mind the poopy diapers kind of in love. That's right. After months of complaining and hating being pregnant, the reason for the discomfort has arrived. And not to sound like a cliche but he was totally worth it.

Isaac arrived on June 6th at 9:15 PM.  He weighed 7 lbs and 6 oz (that's half a pound more than Mac weighed) and was 20 inches long. And... *drumroll please* HE HAD HAIR!!!  The best part was that I had a successful VBAC meaning WAY less recovery time than my c-section the first time.  I'll take 9 hours of painful back labor over two weeks of recovering from surgery any day!!

Mac is settling into his roll as big brother pretty well. He's happy about Isaac but a little put out that he doesn't have all of momma and daddy's attention anymore. And seeing me breastfeed Isaac threw him for a loop too. He told my mother in law that "Isaac eats momma's booby". We had a good laugh about that one. He likes rocking Isaac in his bassinet and helps us change his diapers.

Life is good.


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