Midnight Incoherence

I've had so many ideas for blog posts lately but by the time I actually sit down to write one, I can't seem to focus or even put a simple sentence together properly. However, something happened last night that I need to chronicle because every time I think about it now I start to laugh.

All of you who talk in your sleep, put your hand up. OK, you can't see me but my hand is up. So what happens when you mix sleep deprivation and a sleep talker? Absolute nonsense. Thank God my husband is patient and has a sense of humour.

I don't even remember what time it was last night, or which feeding we were at (the 11 PM one, the 3 AM one, the 5:30 AM one... you tend to lost track after a while), but Isaac woke up squawking (it took me five tries to spell that right - see what I mean about sleep deprivation!?). I must have had one foot still in dreamland and one foot in reality which ended up making for... that's right - MIDNIGHT INCOHERENCE. And the best part was I was getting mad at Harry. For not understanding me. When I was the one making no sense. Yeah. Go me.

I was so out of it that when I (sort of) woke up, I thought I was cradling Mac in my arms. Harry asked me if I wanted him to bring me Isaac and I said yes, but first he had to take the baby. (?!?!) Harry, understandably, was a little confused and asked me what I meant. (I should comment here that Mac wasn't even in the house. He was gone camping with my mom.) He asked me again if I wanted him to bring me Isaac and on which side I was planning to breastfeed him. To which I responded that I needed him to TAKE MAC (insert testy tone here) so that I could hold and feed Isaac. (Insert husband staring at me in a confused and lost manner). Harry (very patiently for someone dealing with a spouse making no sense in the middle of the night while a baby yells in the background) looked at me carefully and said "I don't understand what you're asking me". Now I got snippy and frustrated because he wasn't picking up Isaac who was full on screaming now and snapped at him "I can't TAKE Isaac if my hands aren't free!" (I might have been cradling a pillow at this point thinking it was Mac- not quite sure though. ** see note at bottom) 

At some point in the next few minutes I completely woke up and managed to begin feeding my baby. Which is when Harry cast a doubtful look at me and asked "Are you awake now?" Then the whole conversation come flooding back to my poor tired brain and I cracked up. I think at that point he finally got that he wasn't married to a lunatic, just a poor tired woman who talks in her sleep. And he laughed too.

All day today, I kept getting flashbacks of that conversation and laughing to myself. I guess sleep deprivation affects us all differently.  But this is one to remember.

** I will have to make a post in the future about something my sister in law told me regarding sleep deprivation and my brother. It also includes a pillow. Must be something genetic that runs in the family.


Beck said…
Laughed til i almost peed

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