Imaginative Stalling

Nap times and bed times with Mac are usually an exercise in patience and trickery. This kid has so many stall tactics and reasons why you have to stay in his bedroom it's ridiculous. Sometimes it's cute. Sometimes it's annoying. Sometimes it's downright exhausting. Today it was hilarious.

I was trying to get him down for his nap and he was running through his reasons why I couldn't leave.
"Mommy I have a scratch on my leg. Kiss it." "Mommy call Daddy at work and tell him not to scare me when he comes home" (Harry once beeped the horn of the truck and scared the living daylights out of Mac) "Mommy, tuck my giraffe in."

I was getting annoyed because I was tired, Isaac was upstairs sleeping and I wanted to try to catch a cat nap before Thing 2 (aka Isaac) woke up. So with evidence of irritation in my tone, I said "Mac, mommy is tired so give me one more kiss than I'm going upstairs." He kissed me and when I went to get up and exit his room he said "Mommy?" and I turned and gave him my best Mommy glare and said "WHAT!?"

His answer??

"My brains fell out of my head."

How do I even answer that?!?!  Best. Nap-time. Stall Tactic. EVER.


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