Isaac Made Me Do It

Remember when I had discussed Mac's blossoming imagination?? I was treated to that today again.

We took a quick car ride to the post office.  I left Mac and Isaac in the car while I ran inside and emptied my post office box. When I ran back into the car, Mac was whining unhappily. When I asked him what was wrong, here is the conversation we had.

Mac: "Mom!! I want to you take Isaac inside next time!"
Me: "Why?"
Mac: "Isaac bit me!"
Me: "What!?!?"
Mac: "Isaac BIT me!!"
*Bear in mind that both are strapped into car seats so no one was going ANYWHERE*
Me: "Mac, that's impossible. Isaac is strapped into his car seat and can't get out. There is no way possible that he could have bit you. Right now, you're telling mommy a lie."
Mac: "A lie?"
Me: "Yes, something that isn't true. THat's naughty. You aren't suppose to lie."
Mac: *sounding completely distraught* "MOM!! ISAAC MADE ME LIE!!!"



janelle said…
almost peeing ourselves at this one! hahahah hilarious!

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